Early Childhood

An initiative which works to ensure the early childhood stage of life equips Lindsay Heights children for healthy, successful lives and academic achievement. The initiative convenes and aligns resources for a sustaining cohort of childcare providers around improving and then maintaining the quality of childcare available in Lindsay Heights. This initiative also aligns resources to provide high-quality prenatal and early childhood in-home care for Lindsay Heights families.

For this initiative, WINS works in partnership with members and supporters of the Lindsay Heights community, including Milwaukee Area Technical College, Ages and Stages Developmental Screening, Project LAUNCH, the Betty Brinn Children's Museum, and Educare Beyond the Walls, to develop a strategic plan that carries out the following work:

Early Intervention and Healthy Development
-WINS works with Project LAUNCH to provide in-home prenatal care and social services to expecting mothers in Lindsay Heights.
-WINS employs the Ages and Stages Development Screening, teaching Lindsay Heights Childcare Provider Cohort members to use the tool to ensure the youth they serve are on  track developmentally so that interventions can occur as early as possible, where needed

Quality Childcare and School Readiness/Success
-WINS aligns resources for and convenes an Independent Childcare Provider Cohort made up of all the Lindsay Heights childcare providers around improving the quality of childcare services offered in Lindsay Heights. The cohort receives professional development and other resources with a goal of improving the overall quality of their services and earning them a YoungStar rating of three or better. 
-Another goal of the cohort is to help the childcare provider members to deeply understand and embrace their role as early educatiors. The cohort also shares best practices, develops a sense of identity, and establishes common standards as childcare providers in Lindsay Heights. The cohort will hold new and emerging childcare providers in Lindsay Heights to those standards. 

Staff of 29 childcare centers in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood, as well as the families they serve, including more than 1000 children

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